Differences in Pregnancy Symptoms During a Second Pregnancy

Pregnant with number two? Congratulations on this new and exciting development! Though you already know so much about what lies ahead, you probably have some questions and concerns. Every pregnancy is unique, and while you may find some differences between your first and second pregnancy, there’s no way to tell which pregnancy symptoms may vary this time around. Here we list some of the second pregnancy symptoms that can differ from what you may have experienced during your first pregnancy for example, showing earlier or feeling the baby move sooner along with tips on when to consult your doctor for guidance.

How Might My Pregnancy Symptoms Vary During This Second Pregnancy?

While many of these will be familiar to you, these are some of the symptoms that may differ when you are pregnant with a second baby:

  • Baby bump. When you start showing during a second pregnancy may be different from what you remember from your first pregnancy. Many women start showing a little earlier because their tummy muscles were stretched during the first pregnancy, and these muscles might not have recovered their former strength. So, that baby belly may appear to pop out sooner.

  • Breast changes. While pregnant with your second baby, your breasts may feel less tender, and may not increase in size as much as before.

  • Feeling baby’s movements. How soon you feel your baby move and kick during a second pregnancy may also differ. Many women feel their baby sooner. The reason may simply be that you know what to look out for, so you may pick up on your baby moving a little sooner.

  • Braxton Hicks contractions. Another of the symptoms that may be felt earlier in a second pregnancy are Braxton Hicks contractions. These false contractions are your body’s way of preparing for the real deal, and they tend to go away if you move or change positions. While this is not a pregnancy symptom, you might also notice labour differences, too. Once you go into labour, the whole process may be shorter, meaning you’ll meet your baby sooner. When you notice those early signs of labour the second time around, consider contacting your doctor right away for advice, as it may be worth heading to the hospital sooner.

Will Some Symptoms Be the Same This Time?

Some of those normal pregnancy symptoms you experienced last time may reappear, including:

Managing some of these pregnancy symptoms while caring for your first child may be a little tricky, but the good news is, you may have discovered some great coping mechanisms that worked for you the last time. With any luck you can now put these tools to good use, so that you find some of these symptoms a little less annoying.

Are My Pregnancy Complications Likely to Reappear This Time?

You may be more susceptible to certain pregnancy complications if you experienced them the last time around. If you experienced complications such as premature birth, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or postpartum depression during your first pregnancy, you might be at an increased risk of the same problem occurring in your second or a subsequent pregnancy. Of course, each pregnancy is unique, and your doctor is the best person to advise you on whether your experiences during your first pregnancy are likely to crop up again in your second pregnancy.

When Should I Consult My Doctor?

Consult your doctor as early as you can during your second pregnancy if you had any complications (like preeclampsia or premature labour) during your first pregnancy. That way your doctor can take measures to help reduce any risks for you or your baby. Even though you may feel more confident about pregnancy because you’ve done this before, if you do notice any other symptoms that may indicate a problem or seem out of the ordinary, then it’s important to contact your doctor.

While the symptoms of a second pregnancy may be quite similar to those of the first, it’s definitely exciting to experience the pregnancy journey again. Plus, you’ll find it interesting to see what is new this time around; perhaps, you might even find some aspects a little easier now because you’ve been through pregnancy before, and you know more about what to expect. If you’re pregnant with number two, enjoy it!

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