Choosing the right diaper size for your baby

Nearly every new parent ends up buying the wrong diaper size for their baby at least once in their lives, and don’t worry that’s completely normal. Some parents end up buying diapers that may be too small for their baby, or some may end up buying a size bigger.

With our easy guide on how to buy the right diaper size for baby, the job will be much easier for you, and your baby will be able to enjoy the snug comfort of a perfectly fitting diaper!

How to choose the right diaper size for your baby?

There is one primary error that most parents end up making when trying to pick the right diaper size for their baby; Parents try to pick their baby’s diaper size based on age, and not their weight.

Diaper sizes are categorized based on the baby’s weight because like most adults and children, all babies grow differently. A six-month old baby who is on the healthier size might end up wearing the same diaper size as a one-year old baby who weighs lesser. Diapers that are carry the ‘Newborn’ size label are suitable for babies that weigh less than 10 pounds, which is roughly 4.5 kilograms.

Not only is it crucial for parents to know the right diaper size, they must also be prepared for changes to know when they might need to stock up on a larger size. Ever prospering, babies outgrow their diaper sizes quickly and since most parents’ prefer to buy diapers in bulk owing to the reduced costs, understanding the right diaper sizes can be a real life saver.

What happens if your baby’s diaper size isn’t right?

The wrong sized diapers can be the catalyst of a number of problems for both the baby and parents since it can lead to leakage, irritation, rashes and a number of other problems.

  • If there is Leakage

    Your baby is wearing a medium size diaper instead of a small size diaper, or a small size diaper instead of wearing a medium size diaper, there are chances of leakage. A small size diaper won’t ensure the same absorption for a child that needs a medium size diaper. Similarly, a medium size diaper won’t ensure the same fit offered by a small size diaper. Leakage is not only undesirable for your surroundings and cleanliness, but a bigger/smaller diaper can also end up frustrating your newborn. A well-fitted diaper is a necessity since it comforts the baby and promotes a playful mood which we all cherish and desire.

  • If there is irritation

    It means your baby is most probably wearing a diaper size too small and tight for them. Which means if they should be wearing a diaper size medium, they are wearing a small size instead. Always ensure your baby is wearing the right size diaper by referring to the Pampers Diaper Size Chart by age and performing a basic check to know whether your baby has outgrown their diaper size.

  • If there are marks around the baby’s thighs

    It could be caused by the diaper being just a little too tight, and may not immediately cause discomfort or irritation for the baby, but shall be visible nevertheless. Red marks around the baby’s thighs are a common indicator that your baby has begun to outgrow the size of diapers they are wearing, and must be moved a size up.

  • If you have trouble attaching the diaper tabs

    It could mean your baby needs a bigger size diaper. Diaper tabs should always be comfortably and easily attached, and any effort or pulling applied to the process must be considered as a sign to go for a bigger size diaper. You can also conduct the ‘finger test’ by attempting to insert a finger into the waistband of the diaper. If you have trouble with inserting your finger into the waistband, the diaper could be a little too snug for you baby.

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How to find out when your baby will outgrow their diaper size?

Based on the number of diapers your baby requires every day, coupled with their weight, you can easily understand the number of months it will take for your baby to outgrow a certain diaper size. The Pampers Diaper Size Chart helps all parents’ simplify their task and can help avoid wastage by preventing you from stocking up on the wrong diaper size.

To understand which size your baby needs to wear, the Pampers Diaper Size Chart outlines all the necessary information that parents may require, corresponding with the relevant topics.

For example, a baby currently wearing a ‘Newborn’ size diaper might need nearly 6 to 9 diapers per day, and they will continue to wear this size of diapers for at least a month before they will need to be moved up by a size.

This helpful Diaper Size Chart by age is an immensely helpful tool for baby parents all over and makes their job a lot easier, leaving your precious baby to stay dry, comfortable and cheerful.

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