What’s in your Pampers Baby Wipes

Ideal to clean the sensitive skin of babies, baby wipes are disposable cloths made from non-woven fabrics. They are similar to dryer sheets and are moistened with a gentle solution for cleansing. Usually baby wipes are found in the diaper section of most super markets and are deliberately merchandized alongside diapers so that consumers buy these wipes along with other baby care products.

Since baby wipes are designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, they must be built from durable materials. While ideally a cotton wool and warm water should be used to wipe off the baby’s bottoms in the first early days of birth, but as the little one grows, baby wipes become handy and convenient. The fabric used for making baby wipes are usually saturated with liquid to keep it moist for a long period of time. This makes it extremely handy for parents who are traveling with their baby and needs a diaper change immediately.

Advantages of Pampers Baby Wipes

Baby wipes usually come in packets with various quantities of napkins. However, the general advantage of using a baby wipe is that they come dunked in lotions with special medicinal and anti-bacterial properties and fragrances that leave a subtle hint of freshness on the skin. The formulae used to make such baby wipes is designed to guarantee that infants do not develop any skin allergy while using them.

However, the advantage of Pampers baby wipes is that they are made with a pH balancing lotion to ensure that it retains skin’s natural pH. They are soft and strong perfect to clean up the stubborn stains quickly. Besides that Pampers wet wipes come with a refreshing scent to provide refreshment and create an enjoyable changing experience. They are specifically designed keeping your infant’s skin needs in mind and that means they are Phenoxyethanol, alcohol, paraben and perfume free. They are dermatologically tested which means they’ll be free from allergies and gentle on your baby’s skin. Read more to find out how can you prevent diaper rash using baby wipes. Furthermore, they’re mild and soft as a washcloth and water. Here’s a comparison between baby wipes & washcloth.

Ingredients of Pampers Baby Wipes

Pampers meticulously tests each and every ingredient to ensure their mildness quotient on baby’s delicate skin. Here is the list of ingredients that Pampers approves using in their wet wipes for newborns:

Cellulose - Fluffy, soft fibers used to make clothing that absorb liquid from the baby’s bottoms.

Polypropylene - Soft, high performance fibers that ensure a gentle thorough clean for baby. They also add flexibility and strength to the wipes.

Purified Water - Makes up more than 97% of the base in a water-based cleansing formula. It also helps to improve the texture and add wetness to the wipe that enables gentle cleansing.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil - A modified oil that helps in removing the dirt from baby’s bottom.

Xanthan Gum - It is a naturally-derived material that improves the texture of the wipe and its sensation on the little one’s skin.

Apart from these above mentioned ingredients, there are a host of other ingredients that constitute together to make them the mildest and best baby wipes.

Uses of Pampers Baby Wipes

Chosen for softness and flexibility, Pampers baby wipes ensure that the baby’s comfort is of prime importance. The baby wipe uses are as:

  • The primary reason these wipes are used because these wipes can clean the messy bottoms of your baby as well as clean their dirty hands in a jiffy.

  • Because they are mild and gentle, rashes and skin irritation occur lesser in frequency than usual.

  • Made using nonwoven fibers, it enables them to dissolve quickly and loosen sticky messes.

  • Since they are manually handled, they help in picking up solid messes gently and quickly.

  • With a quick-absorption formulae, they soak up wet masses.

Apart from these uses, baby wipes can be also used for more than just cleaning the bottoms of your babies. They’re also great for wiping hands, mopping spills in the carpet and upholstery and freshening a sweaty brow after run.

Initially your baby’s needs and activities will be only that of feeding, sleeping, and pooping. Irrespective of how simple this cycle may appear, it’s your baby’s pooping activity that’ll require maximum time and massive cleaning, which means about 8 - 10 diaper changes a day. It is here that wet wipes are highly important. They need to be used in between every diaper change activity of your baby. This is because it ensures that the hygiene level is kept intact. Baby wipes are an important commodity for a mother during the initial days when the baby is growing up. Convenient and easy to use, they can be easily tucked in anywhere when you’re travelling.

Now choosing the right baby wipe is just a matter of stepping out, going to the store and bagging it.

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