Pampers transparent manufacturing

At Pampers, our brand purpose is caring for every babies’ happy and healthy development and we believe that just like us, every parent wants the very best for their babies and moms play a critical role here. Every decision that is made is carefully thought through; from food, appropriate clothes, and definitely the diaper for the baby.

Our employees who work for Pampers aren’t just scientists and manufacturers; first and foremost they are parents, aunts and uncles, taking the responsibility of caring for the happy, healthy development of babies and help produce trusted Pampers products for babies in every country.

The quality of Pampers nappies relies on rigorous testing in our production center: We have a fastidious hygiene culture and strict quality control measures with strong attention to detail, to ensure great quality diapers are produced.

During production, we take pictures of every individual diaper being produced, to check our diapers against 3.500 parameters to ensure our great quality standards.

We have teams of people dedicated to checking the quality of Pampers diapers against up to 130 different test methods. We value consumer feedback and therefore communicate our consumer hotline on all our pack for consumers to reach out to.

Every baby is at the heart of Pampers, it means we will continue to produce diapers that offer Pampers best dryness, comfort and fit, for generations of parents who want the best for their babies.

Pampers No.1 Choice of Doctors*

*Based on 'Nielsen India February 2018 Survey' among 199 pediatricians from metros who recommend diapers.