What's In My Baby's Pants?

The experts at Pampers carefully choose each pants component based on both its safety profile and excellent performance in helping keep baby's skin dry and healthy.


All Pampers products and materials undergo rigorous safety and performance evaluations before they come into contact with baby’s skin. Find out more about the safety process and what we don't add to Pampers products.

Did you know… Pampers understands that caring for babies' happy, healthy development includes caring for the world they grow up in. We're continually innovating to reduce the environmental footprint of our products and packaging. For more information on our commitment to environmental sustainability, look here.

What is it?
Adhesives, made of thermoplastic polymers, are used throughout the pants to keep material layers in place, ensuring pants contents stay inside. The adhesives are tucked away from baby’s skin.
Did You Know?
Adhesives are used in many common products, including baby toys