What's In My Baby's Wipes?

When it comes to changing time, a gentle clean makes all the difference. Developed based on years of expertise in skin care and baby products, Pampers Sensitive wipes are designed to be mild and effective, and are dermatologically tested. Research shows that Pampers Sensitive baby wipes help maintain healthy-looking skin, and are milder than water and washcloth on baby's skin.

All Pampers products and materials undergo rigorous safety and performance evaluations before they ever come into contact with baby's skin. Find out more about the safety process and what we don't add to Pampers products.

What is it?
Soft, high performance fibers – like those used in athletic wear – with a safe use history in a variety of consumer and personal care products. These fibers help ensure a gentle and thorough clean for baby.
Did You Know?
From the football field to produce aisle, polypropylene is durable enough to get the job done, but also safe for baby.