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50 Most Popular Bengali Baby Names With Meanings

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Like every ceremony in a Hindu household, Bengali naming ceremonies are steeped in culture. Traditionally, Bengali parents perform a ritual called “Annaprashana”, which literally translates to “eating of food”, when naming their children. It takes place six months after birth and marks the first time the child is fed something other than his or her mother’s milk. The little one is also made to choose between a couple of items that are intended to determine their supposed profession when they grow up.

Apart from a normal name, or bhalo naam, the baby is also bestowed a daak naam, or a secret pet name that only their family and close friends know of. It is never to be disclosed to anyone else.

So, if you are looking for some inspiration for a suitable Bengali baby name for your bundle of joy, here is a list of 100 most popular and unique Bengali baby names with meaning:

50 Trendy Bengali Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Sr. No.Boy NamesSuggested Meaning
1.AsitMeaning ‘someone who has no limit’ or ‘Lord’.
2.AsirThe chosen one, or the Sun.
3.AvikThis name means, ‘someone without fear’, or ‘someone who is as precious and strong as a diamond.’
4.AbeerPerfume, The colourful one
5.AnikBlessed one, or Moon
6.AarulSomeone who is brilliant
7.AbanishBeing a king
8.AbhoyOne who is fearless
9.AchintyaHealer of all worries
10.AkhilbandhuSomeone who is everyone’s friend
12.BasuOne of the more popular Bengali baby boy names, this one means ‘wealthy’, or ‘Earth’.
14.BhashkarThe Sun
15.BishwajitOne who has won over the whole world
17.BinodSpiritual happiness, laughter
18.ChanchalRestless one
19.ChiradeepThe Eternal Lamp
20.DeepayanThe one who looks towards the light
21.DiponLord of Light
22.EkantThe solitary one
23.GatikFast, Progressive
26.IdrisOne who instructs, Studious one
29.JianMan of strength
30.KaviPoet, wise man
31.KapiLord Hanuman
32.MeerChief, Leader
33.ModanGod of Love
34.MonoharOne who is a great charmer
35.MonojitOne who wins over others’ minds
36.MounishA great Bengali baby name with meaning, this translates to, ‘the conqueror of minds’
38.PrahorAn eight part of the night or day
39.PramtiOne who is conscious and aware
40.ProbalSomeone adored and beloved
41.ProtikA symbol for something
42.RupjitA beautiful and handsome person
43.SahasranshuOne who is like the Sun
44.SudhanidhiA beautiful Bengali baby name that means, ‘a boy with the moon in his eyes’.
45.SaptarishiSeven stars in the Galaxy
46.SanjibSomeone who will live long
48.ShayanSomeone who is calm-minded, the sleepy one. If you seek Bengali baby boy names that are music to the ears, this is definitely one to consider.
49.TiyashThe thirst of something
50.UdaybhanThe rising sun

So, those were some popular bengali baby boy names. Now, check out our list of 50 popular and unique Bengali names for your little princess

50 Trendy Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Sr. No.Girl NamesSuggested Meaning
51.AhanaDays, Exist
52.AbhaGlorious, Shining, Rays of the sun
53.AitriJoyful, Happy
54.BritiStrength, Flower
55.BipashaA River
59.BinitaModest, the most lovable
60.BishakhaA star
62.GopaThe wife of Gautama
63.GehnaSomeone who beautifies
64.GrahatiGoddess Laskhmi
65.GrishaGoddess Parvati
66.GunjanBuzzing of a bee, humming
67.GariyashiBigger or larger
68.GaminiGodess parvati, to run
70.IshaniGoddess Durga
72.KeyaFlower, Speed
73.KoenaA river
74.KoyelA cuckoo, Sweet sounding one
75.LipiScript of god
76.LopaThe wife of a sage, Weaver
77.NeepaAs one of the most popular Bengali baby girl names, this sounds as beautiful as it means – ‘The one who watches over all’
79.PiuBeloved, Loved one
80.ParoMasterful, Knowledge
83.ShreyosheeBeautiful one
84.SovhonaOne who possesses true beauty
85.SuraviA girl who can be compared to the sun
86.SuradhuniRiver Ganges
87.SamudraSomeone who is like the sea or ocean
88.SanchariA traveller in motion
89.SomapikaOne who terminates things
90.SuryatapaA woman who worships the sun
92.TamannaHope, Wish, Desire
93.TaneeshaNight, Ambition
94.TanukaA slender girl
95.TaraiA hill where kings met
98.TilottamaOne of the more gorgeous Bengali baby girl names, this one means, ‘a celestial maiden’.
99.UlkaMeteorite, Wealthy

Whether you are searching for Bengali baby boy names or Bengali baby girl names, this list encompasses a healthy mix of unique and popular baby names that will be adored by all. If you are looking for Bengali hindu baby names, then this list of 50 popular hindu baby girl and baby boy names can come handy.

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