100+ Nature Related Indian Baby Girl & Baby Boy Names Along With Their Meanings

100+ Most Popular Baby Names Inspired by Nature with Meaning

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One of the earliest dilemmas a new parent faces is around baby names. Not only does every member of your family have a view on it, you will find yourself getting suggestions from colleagues, friends and even random people on the street!

What are some things we should think about?

Here are some easy tips when you are pondering baby names:

  • Stay away from names that belong to famous celebrities, are associated with unpleasant memories or rhyme with popular taunts
  • In today's global world, stick to names that are easy to pronounce and spell
  • Don't try to be too cool (North-West is a direction, not a name for a child), or funny (No, three is not a name)

Where baby names are concerned, classic is always in style. If you want to stay away from religious overtones, nature names and nature related names with meaning are always an evergreen alternative.

Indian Baby Names Related To Earth

The earth signifies physical prowess, strength, growth and the very essence of life and love itself. Here are some nature related names with meaning for both boys and girls.

Indian Baby Girl Names Inspired By Earth With Their Meaning

Baby girl nameSuggested Meaning
BhumiEarth, Base, Introduction
DakshaThe earth, Sati
KshithiEarth, Home, Soil
BhumikaEarth, Base
UrviEarth, River
KalikaA bud, Earth
NikitaEarth, Victorious
AvaniThe earth
MadhujaThe earth, Honey
ManuRuler of the earth
NikithaEarth, Victorious
DharaniProtector, earth
KumudaJoy of the earth
VasudhaThe earth

Earth Related Indian Baby Boy Names With Meaning

Baby boy NameSuggested Meaning
BhaumikLord of the earth
KshitishMaster of the earth
MahinThe earth
AvanOne who owns the earth
HemishLord of the earth
MahishA king, Lord of the earth
BhoumikLord of the earth
BhumikLand Lord, Earth
RushikSon of saint, Lord of the earth
VishvaEarth, Universe
HiravGreenery on earth
BhupatiLord of the Earth
NikhitEarth, Ganges
TalishLord of the earth, Mountain
IreshLord of the earth

Baby Names Inspired By Fire With Their Meanings

Fire represents passion, creativity and motivation. It burns bright within each and every one of us. Some beautiful fire related names along with their baby name meanings are below:

Indian Baby Girl Names Related To Fire

Baby Girl NameSuggested Meaning
NimiFriend of fire, Sparkling eyes
ShanuFire, A learned Man
ParooThe Sun, Fire
AaghnyaBorn from fire
NimmiFriend of the fire
NimmyFriend of the fire
SamidhaAn offering for a sacred fire
HolikaLighting of ceremonial fire
HomaBorn out of sacred fire
ParuThe Sun, Fire
ArathiDivine Fire
SvahaWife of Fire God

Baby Boy Names Related To Fire

Baby Boy NameSuggested Meaning
ShanuFire, A learned Man
AatishFire, Lord
KapilThe sun, Fire
PavakPurifying, Fire, Brilliant, Pure
KrishanuFlame, Fire
VaradGod of fire
KenitBorn of fire
OrionSon of fire
VirochanMoon, Fire
KrisanuFlame, Fire
VasumanBorn of fire
AgniTowards the fire
DaavWild fire

Indian Baby Names Inspired By Wind

The wind represents our spirit and the invisible form that holds within it unforeseeable power and the ability to bind together life itself. Here are some amazing nature names for wind along with their baby name meanings:

Baby Boy Names Related To Wind

Baby Boy NameSuggested Meaning
FerinWest wind
SaamirEarly morning wind
VayuBreeze, Wind, Divine
AnilGod of wind
DhwanilSound of wind
SameerWind, breeze
SamirWind, breeze
PavanBreeze, Wind, Air
MarutGod of wind
VaayuBreeze, Wind, Divine
ArvaFast wind
MaruthiSon of wind
VayunandSon of wind

Wind Related Baby Girl Names Along With Meanings

Baby Girl NameSuggested Meaning
AuraAir, Breeze, Wind
SameraEarly morning wind
KharqaStrong wind
IrajaThe wind which passes through east
AnilaDaughter of wind
MaushmiBeauty, Monsoon wind
MausumiBeauty, Monsoon wind
SamiraEarly morning wind
SameeraEarly morning wind
NirvaRefreshing, Like the wind
SeethalGentle breeze, wind
SamirahEarly morning wind
MausluniMonsoon wind

Baby Names Related to Water

Water signifies the element that is all around us and envelops us. The source of life itself, it is vast, pure and always reborn. Here are some water related names for your little one:

Indian Baby Girl Names Inspired By Water

Baby Girl NameSuggested Meaning
VariWater, Sea
ArnaWave, Stream
NiraPure Water
ParooGraceful flow of water
SujalSacred water
ZarnaSweet water
JalelaMagnificent water
ShejalRiver water, Pure flowing water
HubabBubble of water
NamraDelicious water

Water Related Indian Baby Boy Names With Meaning

Baby Boy NameSuggested Meaning
JalSacred water
KavanWater, Poem
PankilMud with water
JaileshLord of water
SujalSacred water
NinadSound of flowing water
TirthSacred water
KuvalWater Lily
SivaLord, Water
JaleshLord of water
VasumanBorn of fire
SalilHandsome, Water
SuneerHoly water

Discuss Baby Names Related to Nature

With these names to help you, you can talk to your family about baby names related to nature until you find the perfect one for your baby as these are one of the evergreen alternatives you can go for. Baby names based on religion are also one of the popular choices in India. So depending upon on your religion, you can choose from 100+ hindu baby names & muslim names for baby here.

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