Baby Names Inspired by Nature

Over the years, there has been a constant trend of giving Indian baby girls as well as Indian baby boys names which depict different parts of nature like the sun, wind, moon, and precious metals among others. This continues on even today.

The forces of nature are always fascinating. Whether it is the bright sun, roaring waves or even delicate flowers, nature itself is like a person with different personalities and what better way to bring your baby closer to nature than by giving him a name inspired by nature. After sifting through a number of names, we decided to make a list of some of the top nature-inspired baby names.

Here are some Indian baby girl names related to nature.

  • Fleur Fleur means flower. The flower is one of the most beautiful parts of a plant. This name is sure to describe your daughter's beauty. If you're inspired by floral baby names, check out our article on baby names related to flowers.

  • Iha Iha is one of the unique nature names. It means the earth. The earth is rich in nutrients and provides food for all. You can use this to describe your daughter's helpful personality.

  • Kamaria Kamaria means like the moon. Just like the moon is very beautiful, the name also showcases the beauty of your daughter.

  • Naseem Naseem means a cool, fragrant breeze. Everyone loves some fresh breeze. This name can depict your daughter's lovely personality as well as show how much everyone loves her.

  • Oriana Oriana means the golden one. You can give this name to your baby to show her how precious she is.

Here are some Indian baby boy names related to nature.

  • Arush Arush means the first ray of sunlight. After a long dark night, the first ray of sunlight is always blissful. In the same way, it can be used to highlight your little one's charming personality.

  • Avan Avan means one who owns the earth. It is a name which signifies great riches. Such a name reflects that your child has great potential.

  • Dhruv Dhruv means the pole star. The pole star is one of the brightest stars that can be seen from the earth. So, it is a great name for your little star.

  • Jasper Jasper has two meanings. It means treasurer and also refers to the gemstone Jasper. It shows how precious your little one is as well as how much he will be treasured.

  • Shikhar Shikhar means a mountain peak. The name signifies great heights which your child can achieve in his life.

Names inspired by nature are truly lovely. You may choose from a wide variety of names based on your child's personality and the future you foresee in your little one. For even more nature-related names, check out our article on names inspired by the seasons.

Through our baby name finder, you may browse through a big list of baby names and select the perfect baby name for your little angel. Pampers India is here to help you with all your pregnancy and baby care needs.

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