How to Make Your Little One Feel Better from Diaper Rashes

Babies have very delicate skin and the smallest of things can adversely affect it. Skin rashes are one of the most common problems babies face. Bad skin rashes can cause a lot of discomfort.

10 Tips to Prevent your baby from Diaper Rashes

If your little one has a baby rash from wearing diapers for too long, following are some ways that can guide you on how to take care of baby skin.

1. Give your baby a soothing bath. A lot of parents do not agree with this point, as they believe that moisture is what caused the baby rash to occur in the first place. However, a nice warm bath with a mild cleanser can relieve you baby of any pain. Know more about how to bathe a newborn.

2. One of the most important things to remember when comforting your baby with rashes is to ensure that the affected area does not come into contact with any harsh baby skin care products. As a mother, you should refrain from using any wipes containing alcohol. The Pampers Fresh Clean Wipes contain 0% alcohol and are clinically proven to be mild, making it one of the best baby skin care products you can use.

3. The main reason for a diaper rash is excess moisture. Therefore, make sure that you keep the affected area always dry. Refraining from wearing any diapers till the baby rash has subsided is also advisable. Pampers premium care diaper pants for newborn and baby will help keep the area dry because of its super absorption capacity and 5 star skin comfort.

4. If your baby is suffering from diaper rash on and off for a long period, it may be an indication that it is time to move on to a bigger size of diapers. Try using a bigger size to see if it makes a difference and reduces the prominence of rashes.

5. Another one of the important baby skin care tips to comfort your little one from rashes is to use a good diaper rash cream. It is especially important to apply it at night, when babies sometimes find it difficult to get through the whole night and sleep.

6. Babies need their parents’ attention when they fall sick. Similarly, they require attention when they have a painful skin rash. Try to suspend your social engagements and spend as much time as possible with your baby to help him or her get better.

7. All mothers should make it a practice to change diapers as soon as they get soiled, to avoid the baby’s skin from being in contact with moisture from an overused diaper for too long. This is one of the most important baby skin care tips that mothers should not overlook. Know more about the right time to change a baby’s diaper.

8. Make your baby wear comfortable, soft, and very importantly, breathable clothes when he or she has a diaper rash. Avoid tight clothes in materials that may make the child feel hot, as this may worsen the rash.

9. If the diaper rash looks like it is getting worse and is accompanied by a fever, you may want to consult a paediatrician at the earliest. Do not wait to see the doctor if none of the home treatments work. Every mother should be vigilant and keep a watch on the changes in their child’s skin tone.

10. Lastly, mothers are also generally advised to refrain from using any highly fragranced products on their baby’s clothes and sheets as well. By doing this, you can avoid aggravating the rashes even further. These products also include fragranced products like dryer sheets and fabric softeners as well.

The above mentioned tips are some simple measures you may take to offer maximum comfort and relief to your baby when he or she is suffering from diaper rashes. Know more about home remedies of diaper rash & how to protect your premature baby’s skin from diaper rash.

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