Top 5 Newborn Baby Essentials

Newborn Baby Checklist

Purchasing gear and essentials for your new-born baby can be overwhelming and confusing. What do you really need? What can you leave off the list? Here are five absolute must-haves for all new mums.

1. Baby carrier

A good-quality baby carrier is ideal for keeping your hands free while running errands or just moving around the house. It's also cosy and soothing for your baby when they are close to your body.

2. Baby books

Story time is a wonderful way to bond with your baby, and reading to her builds listening and vocabulary skills.

3. Diaper Changing pad

Any area of your home can be transformed into a nappy duty station with a changing pad, baby diapers and baby wipes. Wash the pad (and the cover) regularly, especially if gets stained during a diaper change. Learn how to change a baby’s diaper perfectly.

4. Changing bag

Choose a spacious bag with a pushchair attachment and easy-to-access compartments. Tip: You're going to be hauling this bag around for a good few years, so go for something classic and versatile.

5. Muslins

These will protect your outfit during each session of baby feeding. They also come in handy for wiping up messes or cleaning your baby's sticky hands.