P Letter Names for Girls and Boys

Welcome to the final phase of your journey, mom and dad-to-be! Soon you will be holding your tiny bundle of joy in your arms. So, now is the time to shortlist some cutesy baby names with P (if that’s the letter that you have selected) before your baby's birth. This way, you can avoid the last-minute chaos when the naming ceremony approaches.

Now, you must be wondering how to choose a baby name when you don't know the gender yet. Well, you can always shortlist a few of your favourites and make a list of P girl names and P baby boy names.

Choosing baby names is a matter of a team effort and will require the complete participation of you and your partner. Once you have decided what kind of names you are looking for, you can involve the rest of your family too. To pick the perfect names, you need to consider the following factors:

  • A starting point for your search – the type of name you want, whether a modern or traditional name

  • Short and sweet baby name - the name shouldn't be too long when combined with the last name

  • You, as parents, should be happy with the name.

Now that you have the basics clear, you can take suggestions from the other members of your family. We understand that this is going to be a little bewildering, but keep in mind, the final decision will always be yours. Remember, the name is going to stay with your baby forever, so take a good amount of time before choosing one.

Here's a specially curated list of baby boy names with P followed by a list of baby girl names with P. The name lists also contain meanings to help you make a choice faster:

Baby Boy Names Starting with P


Boy Names Starting with PMeanings
PaarthArjun; son of the Earth king; prince
PaavanPure; sacred; fire; incense; pious
PahalFacet; beginning; an initiative
PakeranThe moon and the star
PalashA flowery tree; greenery; horse
PalinGuarding; protecting
PallavitTo sprout; to grow
PankilMud with water
PanshulFragrant; another name of Lord Shiva; anointed in sandalwood
ParangThe gleam of jewel
ParavName of a sage
PareesanExtremely beautiful
ParijaatDivine tree; a celestial flower
PariketAgainst desire
ParikshitName of an ancient king; tested one or proven
ParvFestival; strong
ParthoArjun – the hero of Mahabharat
PriyankDear one
PanshulLord Shiva
PrachetLord Vishnu
PrakulGood looking
PurvElder; east
PabloTiny; petite; little
PajasFirmness; strength
PakshSymbolising the phases of the moon
ParisCrafty; city of Paris; the name of God
ParulGraceful; name of a flower
PatakA flag; a banner
PavelHumble; little; small
PavinSun; moon; dedicate; intelligent
PeganTamil king
PeterModern; beautiful; rock; stone


Baby Girl Names Starting with P


Girl Names Starting with PMeanings
PiaLover; beloved; pious
PaviLightning; write; holy; pure
PikuSweet; innocent; pretty
PaarthiviDaughter of the Earth; another name for Sita and Lakshmi
Paavani/PaawniPurifier; sacred
PahalFacet; beginning; an initiative
PakizaPure; chaste; polite; nice
PakshalikaOn the right path
PakshiniDay of the full moon; bird
PanchaliConsort of Pandavas; one from the kingdom of Panchala; Draupadi's name
PanishkaWater inherent; soft water; cool evening
PankitaLine; sentence
PanyashreeBeauty; goodness of the moon
PaolaLittle; small
ParajikaA Raagini
PareshkaTo challenge
ParintaAuspicious; complete; expert
ParisaLike Paris; fairy or like a fairy; beautiful
ParivitaExtremely free
PritalLoved one
PruthaDaughter of Earth; daughter of love
PreshtiRay of light
ParishnaLove for life
ParinnyaFair lady
ParijaPlace of origin; source
PalgunaGod's name
PixyMischievous fairy
PahulGoddess; nectar; pure
PalkiBlink of the eyes
PalviNew leaves
PearlThe precious stone; white gem
PetalFlower petal
PialiTree; river; container
PiaraLoved one


Have you chosen the best names yet? It's alright if you haven't and if you need to look for more, after all, it's going to be your little tot's name. If you wish to look beyond the list, you can check out our Baby Name Generator tool for more adorable names. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the perfect name for your little one!

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