Baby Names That Start with V

Welcome to the final stretch of your beautiful journey of pregnancy! Dear mom and dad-to-be, after your baby's arrival, both of you will get busy making the most adorable memories with him or her. So, if you haven't started looking for some baby names yet, now is the right time to begin before your baby arrives.

Once your baby is born, soon there'll be hurly-burly of preparations for his or her naming ceremony that would be around the corner. In such a situation, finding an ideal name would be difficult and a rushed decision. If you have chosen the alphabet V, good job! You have already taken the first step, now looking for V letter names will be the next step. Since the name-hunt mission is all about team effort, you and your partner can also involve the rest of the family in it.

But wait, before you begin, there are some factors that you might want to consider, which are as follows:

  • Decide on whether you want a modern or traditional name for your baby.

  • Whether you choose V letter names for girls or V baby names for boys, the name shouldn’t be too long when combined with the last name.

  • You can also choose names with V that have a meaning close to your heart.

  • You can also create a name using the parents' name blending technique.

  • You and your partner should be happy with the name that you all have chosen.

Now that you know what kind of name you're looking for, choosing V baby names for girls and boys should not be a daunting task anymore. You can also take a look at our specially curated list of boy names that start with V followed by a list of girl names that start with V. You can also find the respective meanings beside each name, which will help you choose faster:

Baby Boy Names Starting from V


Baby Boy Names from VMeaning
VajStrength; vigour; energy; speed
VedSacred knowledge
VaidHelper; doctor; medicine
VatsChild; a descendant of Kanva
VedhPious; faithful
VeomThe sky
VianFull of life; a beautiful soul
VienCompletion; accomplishment
VrajPlace where Lord Krishna lived
VratHuge; great
VrunLord of the waters
VyasThe arranger
VadinKnown lecturer
VadirajKing among disputants
VadishLord of the body
VahinLord Shiva
VaideshPart of sacred knowledge
VaidhikEnlightening; knowledge of Vedas; scriptural
VaidhyatSupporter of law
VaidicRelated to Veda
VairajSpiritual glory; divine glory
VaishvikBelonging to the world
VajrakshSturdy like metal; Lord Hanuman
VajrinLord Indra; wielding the thunderbolt
VakulFlower; clever; patient; attentive
ValakA crane
VallikEdge of the thatched roof
VanchitPrecious; desired; loved
VanditTo whom salutation is given; praised; worshipped
VanjulThe beauty of forest; the Ashoka tree
VansCane; bamboo; backbone; lineage
VanshilAnother name of Lord Krishna's flute
VaradGod of fire
VarchasvPower; right
VardaanBlessing; Lord Shiva
VardhitIncreased; developed
VarenyaDeemed highest; desirable; excellent; best; saffron
VareshLord Shiva
VihangA bird
VailValley; from the valley
VihaanMorning dawn


Baby Girl Names Starting from V


Baby Girl Names from VMeaning
VyaThe arranger
VaniSpeech; voice; muse
VariWater; sea; crop
VayaA branch; twig
VenaVineyard; vein; elf
VelaTime; beginning
VeraTruth; victory
VihaHeaven; angel
ViniDream; goddess of beauty
ViraFaith; truth; heroic
VynaVineyard; the universe
VaasakiGoddess Lakshmi
VaidheGoddess Sita; a cow
VaiyushiLoved by everyone; respectful to everyone
VallariGoddess Parvati; creeper; a cluster of blossoms
VallikaDiamond; creeper; greenery; the Earth
VamakshiBeautiful eyes
VamaniePower of sky; land, and water
VamikaGoddess Durga
VaneeshaQueen of the universe
VanhishkaQueen of the universe
VanilaReside under the Bilva tree
VanishriGoddess Saraswati; speech
VaraliThe moon
VarashniGoddess of rain
VarasyaRequest; desire
VardaniName of a Raga
VardhanaBestower of prosperity
VedanshiThe part of the sacred knowledge
VakiliMythological flower
VariniRich in gifts
VaidaA ruler; battle heroine


Yay! You have successfully gone through a really long list. We hope you were able to shortlist some of the best baby names. If not, and you still wish to explore more options before choosing the best name, do check out our Baby Name Generator tool. Happy Naming!

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