Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Baby shower is a beautiful phase in a mom-to-be’s life. It marks a significant phase as the to-be mother carries a new life within her. But as much as high the level of excitement is, it also gets tiring to bear it for nine long months. Hence, baby showers are a great way to make them feel loved and lift their morale. Whether she wants something sparkly or pastel, let it all be out in the air for she deserves all that love and attention.

So, make way for some delicious and stunning baby shower cake ideas that will take the moms-to-be by surprise because between passing around in all the decorated onesies, the pregnant ladies deserve some sugar and cream. Since baby shower is a happy occasion and a lunch or brunch may not enough for it, so your desserts should be adorned accordingly. You can either go for traditional desserts or add a twist to each one by customizing them with your favorite topping, icing, flavor or style. Thus, to get your guests craving for a second round of treats, here are 10 amazing baby shower cake ideas that will make a true spectacle and talk of the town for many years to come:

1. Nursery Rhymes Cake:

This special presentation bags the name because you can decorate it with nursery-rhyme-themed toppings and designs. And moreover, it makes a great idea for a gender neutral cake idea.

2. Banana Pudding Cake:

Soft, mushy dollops of whipped cream frosting, this banana pudding-stuffed cake offers a dash of extra sweet delight. You can also put the whole cake in the freezer to let the icing set.

3. Baseball Cake:

If you’re looking for a pint-sized cake, then this baseball cake with a fondant cover is just your ideal pick. You can create a two-tiered arrangement with the pitch running up to the top decorated with a brown sugar bat symbolizing a home run.

4. A Citrus Surprise:

Bake an oh-so-pretty cake with a twist of citrus. Add frosting flourishes to create a pretty spectacle, while a soft and thin base of the cake will leave people wanting for more.

5. Flower Pot Cake:

Building this flower pot cake will create a garden vibe if not a whimsical one baby shower theme. As for dirt, chocolate cake’s got you covered.

6. Baby Clothesline Cake:

Making an adorable ode to chores lined ahead of the first-time mothers, this cute but unique baby shower cake idea will steal the attention of your baby shower party.

7. Hummingbird Cake:

This one’s a terrific and one-of-a-kind baby shower cake idea that you can whip for your guests. For a smooth and silky texture you can use cake flour.

8. Elephant Clothesline Cake:

In case you’re seeking for a neutral gender cake, then this darling elephant cake is your answer. Top it with a fondant and decorate it from the edges to make it look like small grasses for an extra pinch of delight.

9. Whale Cake:

For a whale of sweet and slurpy delight, this whale cake will fetch you a bundle of happiness. Blend it with a frosting of colors to create the whirly waves.

10. Confetti Cakes:

These mini confetti cakes are going to bring major waves of delight to your baby shower cake ideas. It’ll make a unique and cute baby shower treat for your guests.

While baby shower is an important event for a mom-to-be, its planning is equally important. Get a whole list of planning checklist for baby shower. While these baby shower cake designs will get your party roaring in furor, a baby shower celebration includes other baby shower decorations too. It involves crafting a theme at first and baking a cake as per the theme. Some prefer making invites in the theme of the party and getting balloons, flowers, streamers, and pom poms in the similar color, theme and design. Other decor ideas include, plants, flowers, fishbowls, diaper cake, and a gift basket stuffed with toys and other essentials like baby wipes, baby lotion and lots of diapers. At times, baby shower games are also played to make the event more fun and interesting.

All in all, the essence of a baby shower lies in felicitating and pampering the to-be mother with blessings and tons of baby gifts. Sometimes the mother is also presented gifts that contain articles that would help her tackle the post-delivery stage effectively.

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