How to Make Your Godh Bharai Ceremony Memorable

Baby showers are celebrated to welcome the soon-to-arrive member of the family and bless the expecting mother with lots of happiness. Godh Bharai is the Indian version of a baby shower and literally translates to ‘filling the lap'. It is celebrated to shower the mother-to-be with good wishes, gifts and blessings. This ceremony holds an important place in Indian culture and is celebrated for the well-being of the mother and her baby. It is believed that with the blessings of loved ones, the mother would produce a healthy baby. It is generally celebrated in the seventh month because after crossing the seventh month, both mother and baby are considered safe. If you are planning to host Godh Bharai or Baby Shower, read on for some amazing baby shower ideas.

Decorate the baby shower venue with mum's childhood memories

One of the best baby shower themes is decorating the walls with the childhood pictures of the mum-to-be. She will be pleasantly surprised and will enjoy her journey down memory lane. Decorate the venue with her favourite toys and storybooks. You could also ask her parents and relatives to narrate anecdotes from her childhood. In case some close friends and relatives cannot make it to the Godh Bharai ceremony, you could have a screening of personalized videos with their wishes and messages.

Arrange for mum-to-be's favourite dishes

Potluck parties are generally arranged for small get-togethers with friends and family. However, it would be a great idea when you're planning a baby shower. Surprise the mother-to-be with her favourite delicacies. Pre-determine all the dishes to avoid repetition. Plan it on a rooftop or an open ground to create a blissful ambience.

Hire henna tattoo artists

Women wearing expensive traditional ware adorned with jewellery, family and friends binging on sweets and guests singing traditional songs are a common sight on a traditional Godh Bharai ceremony. If you are wondering how to plan a baby shower that blends some Indian tradition in, hire a few henna tattoo artists who will apply henna tattoos or create designs on everyone's hands. To add a more festive spirit to the proceedings, ensure that your DJ keeps the traditional songs running.

Play baby shower games

Guessing the baby's gender and suggesting baby names within a predefined timeframe are some popular Godh Bharai games . If you wish to try something new, you could play the memory game. Keep around 10-15 baby items on a tray, such as booties, feeding bottles, rattle, diapers, teethers, and toys. Allow the guests a look at the items for 1 minute before taking the tray away. Give your guests a paper and pen and ask them to list the things they remember. The person who remembers the most things wins the game. Ensure you keep a gift for the winner to add to the excitement.

Baby showers fill the air with positivity, happiness, and love. Apart from playing a significant role in the Indian culture, it also gives the mother-to-be a chance to have fun and meet her dear ones. With fun, food, and entertainment, Godh Bharai is the best time for the couple to start thinking of names for their little bundle of joy. If you're feeling like settling on a name is a little tricky, you could consult the Pampers Baby Name Generator for help. This baby name tool lets you search for names based on your criteria.

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