Baby-shower games

Celebrating the impending arrival of a baby is a wonderful reason for friends and family to get together. Keep party spirits high with some of these baby-shower games.

Funny games

A game that inspires laughter, helps to break the ice and gets people mingling and chatting.

  • Because I said so! Ask guests to write down a parenting saying or piece of advice that they associate with their parents. Mix them up in a bowl and let everyone draw one.

Trivia games

Fun question-answer games invite everyone's participation and encourage guests to interact.

  • All about mum Prepare a list of questions about the mum-to-be and have people call out the answers.

  • First-born children of famous people Here you can use pop culture references, figures in recent history or sports celebrities. Distribute the list among guests and see who gets the most correct answers.

Nappy games

Get a few nappies involved in the fun!

  • Nappy surprise Heat chocolate bars in the microwave and smear each gooey mess onto a nappy, keeping track of which chocolate bar goes on which nappy. Have guests 'sniff' each nappy and guess which chocolate bar is on each one.

Lively games

Get everyone moving with a high-energy game.

  • Balloon baby twister. Have guests put balloons under their shirts to make 'babies' and then play a game of Twister. You can give prizes for the most twisted pose or most balloons carried under a shirt.

Animal games

Have fun testing guests baby-animal knowledge.

  • Baby animal names Make a list of 10 to 20 animals and ask your guests to write down the baby animal name. When everyone is finished, read the correct words out loud and have guests score themselves. Give a prize to the guest with the highest score.

Word games

Reveal the wordsmiths at the party.

  • Baby-name maker Write down the names of the parents and set a timer for five to 10 minutes. Ask guests to see how many names they can make using only the letters of the parents' names.

Parent-prep games

See which of your guests has super-parenting powers!

  • Supermum in training Gather a mobile phone, a pile of baby socks and some nappies. The supermum candidate has to pick up the phone and cradle it between her ear and shoulder. At the same time, she has to correctly sort the socks and change the baby's nappy. She cannot put down the phone. Time each guest and see how long it takes her to complete the tasks – no mistakes allowed, of course!

Layette games

Be creative and make something beautiful for the new baby.

  • Decorate the onesie You'll need a plain white onesie for each baby shower guest, plus some markers or non-toxic fabric paints. While the mum-to-be puts her feet up, ask each guest to decorate a onesie for the new baby. Ask the mum-to-be to guess which guest decorated each onesie.