Indian Baby Shower Invitations

Popularly known as ‘Godh Bharai’ in India, baby shower symbolizes the third trimester of pregnancy in the life of a to-be mother. It not only gets the parents excited, but also their close family members, friends and alike in a furor of joy. Baby shower is one of the functions where the close friends and loved ones gather to express their joy and shower blessings to the would-be mother and baby-to-be-born. Many shower them with gifts, and that in a way is a form of help extended to the parents to get everything they need. And why not? Because babies need a lot of toys, and an elaborate list of other stuff that can at times get exhausting for the expectant parents.

Since babies are known to usher joy into everyone’s lives, expectant mothers’ close friends and relatives are called for the celebration to shower their love and good wishes before the birth of the bundle of love. It’s a way for friends and family to show care for the to-be parents. But before you begin prepping for D-day, you need to consider the invitation list, themes and what message you want to send out to the invitees.

Here’s how you will have an easier way to plan for your baby shower celebration.

Baby Shower Invitations

Usually the invitees for baby shower are close family members and friends. But before making the invites, it is always good to ask and confirm the mother about the list of guests before handing out any invitations. For as long as we remember, baby showers were usually an all-women gathering. However, with changing times, co-ed baby showers have gained much recognition and fame in recent decades.

Baby Shower for a Boy

However, if it’s a baby shower for a boy, then burst a dash of blue to all your decorations and invitation cards. You can also chalk out a message that fits apt for the little price that you’re about to welcome. Design your baby shower invitation cards with essential shower facts and add a trivia to help guests know that it’s a shower invitation for a boy.

Baby Shower for a Girl

When it comes to welcoming a little baby girl into the world, the celebration should be done with a wee bit of splendor, elegance and style. And why not, the to-be mom and her baby girl deserves a pat. Whether it’s an all floral and pink party or a nautical-themed party, charming and sweet baby shower invitation messages can be inked to inform the guests that it’s a shower invitation for a girl.

Baby Shower for Co-ed

While traditional baby showers have not gone completely outmoded, co-ed baby showers are also becoming common day by day. Here, the would-be parents’ close neighbors, grandfather, and other close male members are invited to witness the celebration and at the same time shower their good wishes to the would-be mother and father. While it may seem like a grand celebration honoring the arrival of the bundle of joy, but why not – and as they say the more the merrier.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

When it comes to the invitation ideas, you could either opt a theme depending if it’s a boy, girl or co-ed or you could settle with buying cutesy props and handing it your guests to create an adorable picture collage. Baby shower invitation ideas could range from anything that reflects the taste of the to-be mother, and father in some cases, or could simply be a traditional setting with invitation cards instead of digital invites that are commonly seen today.

Whatever theme you choose, ensure that the invite encapsulates the essence of the occasion perfectly. Begin with a theme at first and then set on to the details like the name of the to-be mom, time, date and location of the shower, the RSVP date and contact information. Select a venue, choose the menu and grab baby shower favors to give to your invitees. All these to-dos should be well taken care off a week or two before the actual day. This helps the expectant parents avoid hassle and miss out on anything that think requires attention.

Baby Shower Invitation Messages

Invitations are always exciting, especially when it centers around babies. As you prepare to welcome the little bundle of joy into your lives, you need to find the correct words to express your joy and excitement to your guests. While the planning and arrangement may get tedious, we’re here to help you break down the list of invitation messages that you can use for your baby shower cards.

  • Our little bundle of happiness is on the way.

  • Your gracious presence is all we’re waiting for to celebrate our special one’s impending presence into our lives.

  • Be it a little girl or a little boy, come join us to celebrate our latest addition to the family.

No matter what theme you choose, it all boils down to what the to-be mom chooses for herself based on the traditions of the family. Since a baby shower is considered to be an auspicious occasion, it is highly important that you or your spouse refrain from hosting or organizing the party. But that does not imply you ask someone to throw it for you. Ideally, it is a close friend or one of the grand mom’s-to-be are the ones who should throw a baby shower party. It is highly recommended that a sister or any other family member throws the honor for you.

But the sole purpose of a baby shower is to have a little fun while greeting another life into the world. It is indeed a grand occasion in the life of a to-be mom, and is a must that it be celebrated along with close friends and family members of the same.