Baby Shower Gifting Ideas

If you have been invited to a baby shower, there is quite the possibility that you might end up wracking your brain, pondering over what could be the perfect gift to buy. Do you buy a baby shower gift for the mother or for the baby? What other than a diaper is the obvious choice for a baby shower gift? If these are the questions clouding your mind, allow us to cast them away.

A baby shower gift is typically an attempt to make life much easier for the new parents, assisting them in any way when it comes to caring for the new member in their family. It can either be for the mother, for the baby, or if you really do your research, for both!

Gifts, games, food and revelry are what make a baby shower an exciting place to be. Baby showers bring together friends and family, taking off a lot of the pressure that comes with pregnancy. Not to mention receiving tons of gifts, which administers an immediate feel-good factor that perhaps not many things can.

Since your search for the perfect baby shower gift has brought you here, let us help you out. There is no dearth of baby shower gift ideas that are a combination of both, adorable, practical and useful, and we are presenting some truly sublime choices.

Check out our list of the most amazing Godh Bharai gifts you should be giving an expecting mother!

1. A Complete Diaper Bag

While most baby shower gift ideas always revolve around the baby and their needs, we would strongly recommend something that also considers making the mothers’ life easier.

A cute diaper bag that carries every baby-care product that might be required will earn you several brownie points with the mommy. This is one of the best baby shower gifts that shan’t be any trouble to buy. There are several stylish and colourful options in the market, and they range from basic to the most luxurious ones, with or without a changing pad, multiple pockets and the whole shebang.

2. Diaper Gift Box

Diaper Gift Box

One of the most crucial utilities, disposable diapers are lifesavers and are needed in abundance after childbirth. Diapers can be an expensive proposition for many new parents since a newborn baby runs through nearly 6-9 diapers a day during their first month alone!

If you are planning on gifting a well-put together diaper gift box for a friend or family member, you can easily refer to diaper chart. You can easily find out how many diapers a baby would need, depending on their age and the size of diapers including how long it would take for them to outgrow a certain size. This can really make your endeavour to put together a diaper gift box, a breeze.

3. The Most Adorable Baby Blanket

Few things are as adorable as the sight of a newborn baby, swaddled in a soft baby blanket with bunny or bear ears, or even Martian antenna popping over their heads!

Baby Blanket

There are several cute options available online, and you can choose from a variety of cute baby blankets depending on your budget. Giraffes, cats, baby elephants and so many more warm and fuzzy baby blanket options make this one of the best baby shower gift ideas ever.

4. LOTS Of Toys

Babies and toys are the perfect match, and there is absolutely nothing that can contest the fact. Brightly coloured, sound emitting toys are wonderful for babies to play with and develop their senses as they grow up.

Baby Toys

Toys make for some great baby shower gift options since you can never really go wrong with them, nor can a baby ever have enough toys to play with. You can decide what kind of toys you wish to go for since there is so much to choose from; whether its soft toys, chunky building blocks, sound toys or even animal figurines. Sky is the limit here!

5. Baby Proofing Kits

Well this isn’t for the baby, but is actually for the baby. Baby proofing the house is one of the most important tasks for new parents. It can be tough since there are so many responsibilities to deal with during pregnancy any way.

Baby shower Gift Toys

A baby-proofing kit is the perfect way to show how much you care, both about the parents and the baby. Making the parents’ job easier is truly an amazing out-of-the-box baby shower gift ideas.

6. A Lot Of Onesies

Don’t babies look just the cutest when they’re wearing onesies? Printed with little teddy bears and bunnies, or even superhero or animal onesies if you’re feeling exceptionally creative.

Baby Onesies

No matter the onesie, they are just the outfit that perhaps all babies can pull off. Not only are they totally beautiful to look at, these onesies are also the perfect costumes for parents’ to conduct their very own baby photoshoots in.

7. Care Package For Mommy

While most baby shower gifts revolve around the baby, the needs of mommies are no longer being overlooked either. Postpartum recovery kits are a great sign of affection and care for mothers that are about to undergo childbirth. Find out more about healing after delivery.

Postpartum care packages can either be minimal, or just about as comprehensive as you want them to be. It all depends on your budget for budget, but if you are looking to push the envelope for a close friend, this is one of the best baby shower gifts ever. Maternity pads, swelling reducing ointment, disposable mesh underwear, and comfortable loose pajamas are just some of the things you can include in the care package.

8. Baby Carrier

A must for newborn babies with active parents, the baby carrier is a blessing that cannot be praised enough. It is a utility item for new parents that not only allows them complete visibility of their child, while enabling them to enjoy a complete hands-free experience.

Baby carrier

Some baby carriers can also be easily rocked, which is an easy way to put the baby to sleep while the parent can focus on other chores, or simply enjoy some me time by watching television. That is what makes this one of the best baby shower gifts, combining the interests of both, the baby and the parents’.

9. Photo Journal

A photo journal creates the right opportunity for parents to create a valuable repository of fond memories to cherish and enjoy forever. Pictures, milestones, and sweet nothings that every parent whispers to their newborn babies can be put together as a gift for the future.

Photo Journal

Gifting a baby photo journal or a scrapbook for parents to put together every single highlight, joy and sadness of their experience of being a parent and raising a beautiful child together is quite simply a gift that can go beyond a surface level baby shower gift idea.

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