Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Across a number of countries and cultures across the world, Baby Showers have been known to be practiced for centuries in some form or another. Not much is known about the origins of the term, although the general consensus is that the name has been derived from the ‘showering’ of gifts on the mommy-to-be. If you happen to be a family member or a friend that has been deputized with throwing a baby shower, look no further for you have come to the right place.

When it comes to baby showers, the first thing to keep in mind is accurately understanding what the ceremony means. Then, you must carefully weave everything exciting and scary about motherhood with fun, levity and celebration to throw the perfect baby shower!

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a ceremony thrown by close friends and family of an expectant mother before childbirth. It is practiced all over the world across many cultures and in a number of different ways. Baby showers are traditionally thrown by friends or family, although a mother can throw one for herself too.

In India, baby showers are a family affair, as all members congregate to celebrate a joyous occasion. The expectant mother is usually showered with gifts and a vast expanse of knowledge from the far more experienced people in the room. A lot of ribbing and banter is involved which plays an important part towards alleviating any stress or nervousness that the parents might be going through.

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Baby Shower Themes

Baby Shower Decorations for Baby Boy

A combination of both, tradition and modernity, is the ideal equilibrium around which you should plan your baby shower. Before you can start planning a baby shower, it is absolutely important to pick a theme first as it can make your job much easier. Picking a theme also allows you to jumpstart your brain and think of some really interesting baby shower ideas and throw the best possible baby shower you can.

Baby showers are not too different from any other kind of parties with a few notable exceptions of course. When it comes to picking a theme it is vital to consider the expectant mother’s interests, your budget and time frame.

You can pick any favourite interest from her life, whether its comic books or a favourite television show like Game of Thrones, a Victorian era theme or just about anything that translates to lots of fun. Even something as simple as a colour theme can be a fantastic idea to plan all the baby shower decorations, fun activities and games around. Get more baby shower themes and printable decorations.

If you are looking for some creative and quick baby shower party ideas, here are a few recommendations that will help you immensely.

1. Pastel Party Themed Baby Shower

This is one of the best baby shower decoration ideas, and one of the most unique themes. A pastel colour themed baby shower has a lot of potential for some fun decorations, delicious food, cool props for pictures and cute outfits.

Pastel Party Themed baby Shower

Coloured paper, strings, glue and a pair of scissors are all you will need for this baby shower decoration theme. So don’t be afraid to go crazy with some really cute designs of animals such as elephants, bears, rabbits, and even small lions and tigers!

2. Wonder Woman Themed Baby Shower

Baby Shower Food

An easy, fun and creative way to make your baby shower an exhilarating success. A Wonder Woman-themed baby shower idea makes it effortless to plan games, props and other decorations. Quick suggestion – The Lasso of Truth can pave the way for a lot of fun and embarrassing stories and confessions!

3. The Flintstones Themed Baby Shower

The world’s favourite pre-historic bunch of lovable are an awesome idea for a baby shower decoration theme. There is a lot of potential when it comes to this idea, and you can go a step further by getting a Fred and Wilma Flintstone costume for the to-be parents.

Baby Shower Essentials

Baby Shower Deserts

These are the important elements that can help you throw the baby shower of your friend’s dreams and have a whole lot of fun while doing it! Check out all the necessary components you must include in your baby shower checklist to make it one of your best works to date. Get a complete baby shower items list.

Baby Shower Games

A quick online search will yield a number of baby shower games such as Don’t Say Baby, Measure the Belly and many more. Don’t Say Baby is exactly how it sounds, and you can either use candy as currency, or just about anything. As your guests arrive, hand them a few candy bars and once all the guests have arrived, inform them that they can no longer say the word ‘baby’. Each time someone says the word, they get one of their candy bars taken away and the one with the most left at the end, wins!

Measure The Belly is another fun baby shower game to play, and requires little to no preparation. Guests must cut a length of string, rope or yarn according to their guess of how much string it would require to go around the mother’s belly. The one who has the most accurate guess is the winner. Click here to get many more baby shower game ideas which will definitely impress your baby shower guests.

Food for Baby Shower

Baby Shower Cake

Just because it isn’t a regular party with junk food and alcohol does not mean the food has to be boring. You can go as crazy as you can with food for a baby shower and keeping the food baby and mom friendly at the same time.

Finger foods are a great way to create some thematic choices, and so are cookies, cakes and cupcakes. You can even have mocktails that match up with your chosen theme and make things even more interesting for the guests and especially, mommy-to-be!

Churros, French Fries, cotton candy and many such items are truly delightful choices for a baby shower food menu. If you want to keep things simple, you can easily create skewers of bite-sized fresh fruit and some cheese.

We hope you loved all the amazing baby shower decoration ideas and themes. Hope they help you throw the most exciting party that shall be remembered for many, many years.

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