Step By Step Guide To Making A Diaper Cake

A diaper party well, as the name suggests is a baby shower for the father-to-be and his friends. It is a party truly one-of-its-kind where guests bring wipes and diapers instead of conventional gifts from a baby registry. But having a conservative form of fun doesn’t always make the cut when it comes to diaper parties, unless you are expecting diaper cakes. Diaper cakes are growing into a popular trend and taking baby showers by storm. Being a one-of-a-kind party, it doesn’t comprise cakes or desserts shaped like diapers; it means baby must-haves showcased in arrangements that seldom like confectionaries. While nappies make the ideal gift on a baby shower but they aren’t that interesting when it comes to a diaper party. To break the monotony, fancy and artsy gifts are now making the rounds in such parties. In fact, the essence of these faux cakes are that they look close to realistic cakes and their decorative appeal makes them ideal to be presented as centerpieces in baby shower events.

But you must be wondering why a diaper cake instead of a regular cake? Well, it has its reasons not one, but two. It acts as a unique decorative piece while at the same time helping new to-be parents care for their newborn. Another reason being, the diapers used as decoration for the party serve as actual diapers that can be directly used for the baby. While there could be many other iterations of why having a diaper cake is important, we for sure are here to save you from your anxiety. Here are five different types of baby shower diaper cakes to help you make your diaper party a success.

  • A princess cake decorated with a tutu - It’s no Sci-Fi making this cake. Create a two or three-tiered cake using diapers and wrap them around at the base with a tutu skirt for a cutesy appeal. Top it off with decorative flowers from the sides to complete the look.

  • Bee cake - The diapers are stacked against one another in this type of presentation. Once constructed into a three-tier style, decorate the diaper cake with cutouts of bees and roses. It’ll make a great example of a DIY diaper cake.

  • Unicorn cake - A diaper party will turn into a magical party with a unicorn-themed diaper cake. You can create a two-tier arrangement to save space. This whimsical arrangement will also serve as a great baby sprinkle.

  • Woodland cake - This woodland-themed cake will make an apt centerpiece for a woodland-themed party. Since diaper cakes are unusual and make a quirky decor for a baby shower event, this three-tiered arrangement decorated with sashes printed with woodland animals will make a great vignette on a center table in your diaper party.

  • Succulent cake - This could take you by wonder and amazement. The sheer of diapers being used to create succulent-styled diaper cakes will instantly catch the attention of your guests. You can prepare two mini, one-tier succulents topped with cute felt succulents. Now that you’ve learned of the different types of diaper cakes, take a glance at the steps of how to make them.

Step 1: Collect the base

Attach the paper towel tube to your cardboard cake base using hot glue.

Step 2: Roll away the diapers

Roll from the top of each diaper and then secure each one with a rubber band.

Step 3: Assemble the cake layers

Start encircling the base of the cardboard with diapers. Circle the first level with a certain set of diapers and secure them with a band. Create a three-tiered arrangement in the similar way by circling the cardboard in each layer and fasten them together with a rubber band to prevent the arrangement from falling apart.

Step 4: Decorate

You can decorate the cake as per the style you choose. You can either tape the diapers on each layers with a ribbon or attach felt cutout pieces to create a delightful presentation. Lastly, display it on your mantel or a center table as a stunning focal piece for the diaper party.

So, if you or your friends are expecting a baby soon, then you know just what’s necessary. Yes, diapers! For they can never be enough for to-be parents. Besides, what’s in a function if there’s no little extravaganza elevating the novelty of the party? DIY diaper cakes are just what can enhance the look of a baby shower. They are quirky, fun and are useful for expecting parents and will save them from the expenses involved with a new member coming to a family.

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