Baby Boy Names & Baby Girl Names Starting From ‘K’

Congratulations, mom and dad-to-be! Soon, you will be reaching the final stretch of your beautiful journey of pregnancy. Once the new member arrives, both of you will get busy making the most adorable memories with your little bundle of joy. So, start looking for some baby names (if you haven’t thought of one yet) before your baby arrives. Soon after the baby's birth, his or her naming ceremony would be around the corner. With the hurly-burly of preparations, finding an ideal name would be difficult and a rushed decision. If you have chosen the alphabet K, good job! You have already taken the first step. Now, you can also involve the rest of the family in this name-hunt mission – after all, it is a team effort! As we don’t know the gender yet, you might want to shortlist some names for K – girls and boys. The family members can divide amongst themselves, whether they will search for baby boy names starting with K or baby girl names. Everyone will share their ideas, and it might leave you in a dilemma about the name to choose. Start by shortlisting the names you like, take your time to finalise the two best ones. Remember, as parents it’s going to be your decision in the end. The process can become a little overwhelming. So, worry not; we’ve got some simple tips that will help you:

  • Decide on whether you want it to be a modern or traditional baby name.

  • The baby's name shouldn’t be very long when combined with the last name.

  • You can also choose a name with a meaning close to your heart.

  • You can also create a name using the parents' name blending technique.

  • You and your partner should be happy with the name that you all have chosen.

Now that you know the basics of choosing a name, take a look at our specially curated list of baby names starting with K. You can also find the respective meanings beside each name, which will help you choose faster:

K Names for BoysMeaning
KaanishikAn ancient king
KaartikInspiring with courage and joy
Kabir/KabeerA Sufi saint, Indian saint of 1440; noble
KadarDivine destiny; powerful
KadeenLittle battle; companion
Kafeel/KafilResponsible; guarantor
KahilFriend; lover
Kailas/KailashOne who bestows peace; the name of the Himalayan peak; the abode of Lord Shiva
KairavWhite lotus; born of water
KaisanWise; a companion of the prophet
KaiserCaesar; emperor; king
KaivalyaPerfect isolation; salvation; bliss
KalamSpeech; philosophy; compliment
KalashSacred pot; the pinnacle of a temple; holy urn
KalhanInformative; perceptive; voracious reader; sound
KalpThe moon; thought; appropriate; competent; rule; another name of Lord Shiva
KamatUnrestrained, free
KadhirvelAnother name of Lord Murugan
KajishLord Vinayagar
KanksitaWished; desired; longed for
KannanPlayful; merrisome
KanvarA prince
KarnanMythological character - eldest son of Pandavas
KathithWell recited
KavishKing of poets; the name of Lord Ganesh
KavinNatural beauty
KavyanshIntelligent and born with poetry
KeeratSing God's praise or glory
KenitA handsome man; born of fire
KunjTrees and creepers overgrown
KeyaanCrown; king
KiyanshA person having all qualities
KushankOne piece of grass
KunjalCuckoo; nightingale
KavehAncient hero
KeyvanWorld; universe
KamalakshBeautiful lotus-like eyes
KinshukA flower
KoshinA delicate bird


Baby Girl Names with K

K Names for GirlsMeaning
KaavyaPoetry in motion; laden with a sentiment; foresight
KaashniGoddess Lakshmi; special girl; flower
KaharA water-drawer and carrier of Palanquins
KahiniYouthful; spirited; young
KahlaaBeloved; sweetheart; one who has beautiful black eyes
KahlimaGoddess Kali
KainaLeader woman
KainatThe universe
KairaPeaceful; unique; lady
KaiyaName of a goddess
KaliniFlower; another name of river Yamuna
KalpitaImagined; creative; invented
KalyaPraise; pleasant; morning
KamakshiGoddess Lakshmi; Goddess Parvati; one with loving eyes
KamakyaGoddess Durga; Granter of wishes
KamalineeA lotus plant; a pond full of lotuses
KamyaBeautiful; lovable; successful
KanakGold; sandalwood
KananA garden; forest
KanchanGold; wealth
KalnishaEve of Diwali
KamayaniThe mirror of love
KanisthaThe little finger; the youngest
KanjariMusical instrument; bird
KaruviliWith beautiful black eyes
KashikaThe shiny one
KasviShining; beautiful
KatrinaA variant of Katherine; pure
KshitiEarth; home
KeciaBeautiful rain
KeiyonaMorning star
KapotakshiOne with dove-like eyes
KaifState; mood; condition
KafiAnother name of God; talented; enough
KuviraCourageous woman
KaushikiGoddess Durga
KanushiBeloved of Lord Krishna


Yay! You successfully completed looking at a long list. We hope you have found some of the best baby names. If you still wish to look at more options, do check out our Baby Name Generator Tool. Happy Naming!

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