24 Weeks Pregnant

At 24 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs about 590 grams and measures 25 to 28 centimetres. Your little one has lots of room to move, so you might be feeling some acrobatics, especially at night. Your pregnancy symptoms during 24th week of pregnancy could include piles, round ligament pain, and trouble getting a good night’s sleep thanks to your active baby and growing belly. You’re nearing the end of the second trimester, and if you're trying to figure out how many months pregnant 24 weeks is, you’re about five months pregnant. Read on for more details on what's happening this week with your baby and your pregnancy.

24 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby’s Development

Check out what your baby's up to during 24th week of pregnancy:

  • Eye spy. Even though your baby's eyes are still fused shut, all the parts of his eyes are present. The iris doesn't have any pigmentation yet, the colour will fill in over the next few months. The final shade won't be settled until after he's born.

  • Brain and lung development. Your baby’s brain is developing rapidly, and his lungs are now fully formed, but not working yet.

  • Active baby. By 24 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s movements might be keeping you up at night. In fact, he’ll be at his most active between 24 and 28 weeks. Later on, there won't be enough room for him to perform the flips and dives he’s spent weeks perfecting.

  • See-through skin. At 24 weeks pregnant, your baby has skin that is so thin it would be possible to see the blood vessels, bones, and organs beneath it. In fact, the skin would seem pink to red because of the visible blood in the capillaries. Don’t worry, though — his skin will continue to thicken until the pregnancy is full-term, when it will be as opaque as yours.

24 Weeks Pregnant - Fetus Development

24 Weeks Pregnant: Your Symptoms

If you’re wondering what kind of pregnancy symptoms to expect at 24 weeks pregnant these are some of the things you might notice:

  • Piles (haemorrhoids). These enlarged veins in the rectum are commonly caused by the increased pressure in that area. Treat them at the first sign of discomfort to help keep them under control later on. Avoid standing for long periods of time, have warm baths to help relieve the pain, and try to prevent constipation so you need to strain less to pass a bowel movement.

  • Round ligament pain. As the uterus grows, the ligaments that hold it in place in your belly stretch, sometimes causing pain. If you feel pain or cramping in your groin area during 24th week of pregnancy, it could be round ligament pain. Although there's not much you can do to ease the pain, speak to your doctor if becomes too intense.

  • Trouble sleeping. As your belly grows, you might find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Try sleeping on your side. You could also try sleeping with a pillow between your legs, propping your belly up with pillows, or using a pillow to support your lower back to feel more comfortable. Read our quick guide to getting better sleep during pregnancy for even more tips.

  • Skin changes. At 24 weeks pregnant, you might start to notice skin changes such as dark patches on your face, a dark line running from your navel to your pubic bone, or spider veins. Skin pigmentation changes will generally fade or resolve within a few months of your baby being born, while spider veins generally disappear soon after you’ve given birth.

At 24 weeks pregnant with twins, it’s normal to feel extra tired and to have gained more weight than mums of singles. Find out more about how the pregnancy trimesters might be a little different if you’re pregnant with twins.

FAQ at 24 Weeks

What are the signs of preterm labour?

From 24th week of pregnancy, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the signs of preterm labour. The most common 24th week pregnancy symptoms are menstrual-like cramps, a change in vaginal discharge, a dull ache in your lower back, uterine contractions, pressure on your pelvis (as if the baby were pushing down on it), or fluid leaking or gushing from your vagina. Pay attention to your body, and if these symptoms persist, call your doctor right away. Fluid that leaks or gushes from your vagina is a sign that you need immediate medical attention. Know more about signs of premature labor a pregnant woman may experience during 24th week of pregnancy.

How can I fasten my seatbelt now that my belly is getting much bigger?

With your belly getting larger, you'll probably have to make some adjustments when you're in a car. Experts recommend that the lap portion of the seat belt should go under your abdomen, snug against your hip bones. Place the shoulder strap across the centre of your chest, so it falls in between your breasts, not under your arm. Make sure the shoulder strap doesn't chafe your neck.

What’s a cool idea for announcing my baby’s name at the Baby Naamkaran?

The baby naming ceremony, also known as naamkaran, is a huge family affair and is probably something you’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Every person attending will be keen to know the name you’ve picked for your angel. Here are some exciting ways you could make the big announcement:

  • Write it in the sky. Fireworks — one of the most exhilarating ways to reveal your baby’s name! If the naming ceremony is in the evening and you can get professional help, then light up the night skies with your baby’s name.

  • Let your guests guess. The most intriguing and simplest ways to announce the name is by playing a game. Just reveal the first and last letter of your baby’s name and let your guests discover the rest! Don’t forget to give a prize to the winner.

  • Say it with sweets. Announcing good news is always better with sweets. Distribute boxes of sweets with each sweet bearing a letter and arranged to spell out your baby’s name. Have a countdown so everyone can open their box at the same time.

24 Weeks Pregnant: Your Checklist

  • Familiarize yourself with the signs of preterm labor. Get week-by-week expert tips on pregnancy to keep track of your baby’s development & to ensure well-being of both you & your baby during entire nine months journey!

  • Seek immediate medical attention if any fluid leaks or gushes from your vagina

  • Talk to your partner about your new roles as parents and how it may affect your relationship. Here are some tips for soon to be father to help him get ready for the arrival of the little one.

  • Sign up for weekly pregnancy tips

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