Baby Names Starting From ‘F’

The beautiful journey of 40 weeks is in its final stretch. You are in the last few weeks of your third trimester and the countdown to hold your baby in your arms has begun. The first time your baby opens its eyes, you are surely going to fall in love with her. It is love at first sight! One of the first few things you will be doing for your baby is finding her a perfect name. The final few weeks of your pregnancy is the perfect time to start hunting for baby names for your little one.

While choosing from a plethora of baby names, it is advisable that your partner and you decide on an alphabet first. After much discussion, say you’ve both chosen the alphabet ‘F’. You will soon be on the lookout for names starting with F. The process of choosing a name with F for your baby requires a team effort. So naturally not just you two parents but even your families can get involved in this bonding exercise to choose the perfect name for your little one. People in your circle will pitch in with their ideas for baby names and try to help you out. But in the end, the decision is yours. It is important that you choose a name that you resonate with and absolutely adore. Whether you opt for a modern name for your baby or a more traditional one, it is important to take your time. The name you give your baby is going to stay with her forever. The process of naming your little one can be a little scary at first, but equally exciting. But don’t worry, we are here guide you through this name-finding mission, and help you find the perfect name for your little one.

Here is a list of F names for girls and boys, which can be your starting point while choosing a name. The list comes with meanings of the names, to help you choose faster. Keep on reading to find a name that you will fall in love with for your little one.

Baby Girl Names with F and their meanings:

FadilaValue, Worth
FadilahBeauty, Shining
FadyaaDazzling, Brilliant
FaeezahBeautiful, Radiant
FaekahRadiant, Beautiful
FaeqShe Was A Devoted Worshipper And Ascetic Of Basrah. She Used To Say, "If The Heart Gives Up The Passions (Evil Desires), It Will Then Domesticate Knowledge." (A.N)
FahmidaDelicate, Finger Tips
FaihaInevitable, Lion, Powerful
FaizaBloom, Be Successful
FakeehBeautiful, Prior
FakhriBringer Of Glad Tidings
FalakBrave, Fearless
FamyaA Smile
FarahJoy or cheerfulness
FarhiyaGood Deed
FarihahThe Name Of A Freed Female Slave
FarishaYazid Al-Abshamiyah's Daughter
FaryalShe Was A Companion Who Lived Until The Era Of Muawiyah
FarzanaGuarantor, Surety
FathehaGuide, Proof
FathimaHeart, Conscience
FathiyaSparkle Of Light, Fire
FatimahRiches, Happiness
FatinShe Was From A Ruling Family
FatinahA Prophet’s Name
FatmaA Prophet’s Name
FauziaRainy Cloud
FawziaCharming, Beloved
FaytheAn industrious and hardworking woman
FazziletThe World
FelicityGod is with everybody
FelliciaAn industrious and hardworking woman
FeltonAn industrious and hardworking woman
FemidaFull Moon
FiddahThe Beautiful One To Grow In Peace And Love With God
FynnGood tidings


Baby Boy Names with F and their meanings:

FaaizSuccessful, Prosperous, Victories
FadiFull Moon
FadilResembling The Full Moon
FadlSpring, Prime (Of Life), Bloom (Of Youth)
FaheemFortunate, Lucky
FaikBeloved One, Close To Heart
FairleeElfin warrior
FaizanJust, Pious
FakhtahGood News
FardadA man endowed with splendor
FardeenClever, Intelligent
FaredunThrice strong. It's the name of the famous king of Iran who assassinated Zohak.
FarheenClever, Intelligent
Fari'AhJoy, Solved
FariqLieutenant General
FarkhandahHorse Like Animal That Carried The Prophet (Pbuh) During Mehraj And Will Carry Those That Are Selected On Resurrection Day
FarooqCold, Mind
FaroukSeer of truth
FaryatOf Beautiful And Tender Body
FarzeenGift Of God, Beautiful
FasahatLatch, Door Lock
FatehForeigner, Stranger
FawwazThe Rainy Cloud
FawzBright, Intelligent
FawzanLight, Splendor
FawziName Of The Prophet’s Sword
FawziyahShe Lived Between 730-750
FayekA Gift, Or A Present
FayruzMean, Strong
FaysalPray, A Voice Of Heart, Request To All-Mighty Allah, A Source Of
FazanFore Noon
FelbertaOne who is eager or an industrious man
FeliciaGod is with us
FellipeOne who is eager or an industrious man
FenilThought , Idea
FinnleyBrave ruler, Ever powerful
FirozBeautiful Lady
FranciscaProtected by grace.
FredFrom the German fridu meaning "peace"


Unisex Baby Names with F and their meanings:

FarnellGreen gemstone
FarnleySon of emery
FaronOne who is eager or an industrious man
FelipeIndustrious ruler
FelishaHome strength/ruler
FidelThe ruler of the estate


Phew! Now that you have made it to the end of this long list, we hope to have helped you find the perfect baby name and that you fell in love with it.

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